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Remembering the heroism of WWII Veterans by The National Lottery Community Fund
November 11, 2010, 9:00 am
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As the nation prepares for ceremonies to commemorate the heroism of a special generation on this Remembrance Sunday (Nov 14th), the Big Lottery Fund announces its latest round of funding made today across the UK enabling veterans to embark on poignant visits back to the places they saw action almost 70 years ago.

Remembering the heroism of WWII Veterans

Remembering the heroism of WWII Veterans


Since launching in April 2009, the Big Lottery Fund’s Heroes Return 2 programme has enabled more than 11,300 veterans, widows, spouses and carers in the UK to go on emotional trips, home and abroad, to honour and remember those that did not return from the battlefields of 1939-1945.

These are very special people and as Remembrance Day approaches we are glad that we can pay tribute to them in this way. A huge debt of gratitude and recognition is owed by today’s society to the men and women who fought across the world during the Second World War. They built the peace and protected the freedoms we enjoy today.

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This is a very worthy scheme, but I must ask why veterans from other conflicts eg Korea, Malaya and Borneo have been excluded from this scheme?

Comment by matt feeley

I have just received a copy of the Heroes Return 2 booklet and must confess that it annoyed me to find that in the brief description of Operation Market Garden, it is implied that this was entirely a Parachute Regt. operation, even though at least 50% of the force was landed by glider, flown by more than 1200 members of the Glider Pilot Regt, (of whom I am proud to have been one) This is quite frankly, offensive to those pilots and the members of the other regiments who did not drop. Nobody in a glider had a parachute.

Comment by Frank Ashleigh

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